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8 Surprising Virtual Assistant Benefits

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Have you given any thought to the possibility of working from home as a virtual assistant? Have you ever questioned whether or not it is worthwhile, how you can make it work for you, or even whether or not it is appropriate for the way you live your life? When beginning anything new, whether it be a new job, a move to a new house, or even the purchase of a new vehicle, there is always the possibility of feeling apprehensive. That level of dedication! However, working as a virtual assistant does come with a few pleasantly surprising advantages, all of which have to be taken into consideration before coming to a conclusion on what course of action to follow.

Tailor Your Own Schedule

Working as a Virtual Assistant allows you to choose your own hours, which is among the most significant advantages of this line of work. No longer adhering to the hours or schedule that have been set by another person. No more wasting time traveling to and from work only to punch in and out on the payroll. You have the ability to design your own workweek to suit your lifestyle. Do you like going for walks with your dog throughout the day? If so, do you have a dog? That is something you can take care of during lunch. Or, do you love practicing yoga? How about giving yourself a mental break on the yoga mat for a quarter of an hour in the midst of the day? Working as a virtual assistant (VA) gives you the freedom to choose your own working hours and organize them in a manner that is most convenient for you. This, in turn, may help you maintain a good balance between your career and your personal life.

Work In Your (Yoga) Pants

When you work from the convenience of your own home, you should absolutely dress in clothing that is easy on the body. There will be no more donning uncomfortable shoes, ironing clothes, or wearing stiff professional clothing. You are welcome to don your go-to leggings, yoga pants, or tracksuit bottoms, and make sure that your feet don’t get blisters by wearing either cozy socks, slippers, or even both! If you are going to participate in a Zoom call, you should definitely brush your hair and put some effort into dressing your top half more professionally.

You may work from any location.

The idea that virtual assistants are free to reside anywhere they choose inside the United Kingdom is one of the things we hear from them more than anything else. If you wanted to relocate to the other end of the nation in the past, you would have been required to quit your job and look for a new one in the region where you were moving to. However, if you work as a virtual assistant (VA), you get to maintain your customers and carry your job with you wherever you go. Aside from working from the comfort of your own home, you also have the option of working in a shared office space whenever the muse strikes you. This is a great option for those who like a change of pace from time to time.

Work As Much Or As Little As You Like

Working as a virtual assistant gives you the flexibility to decide how much you want to put in each day. Being a virtual assistant is an excellent approach to fulfill your desire to limit the number of hours you spend working each week to no more than 20. You are free to choose the hours that work best for you and your lifestyle, which will provide you with plenty of time to finish that book, make that cake, or even simply put your feet up and relax. Work should fit into your life, not the other way around; if this means waking up early every day to go for a run, do some laundry, and cooking supper in the slow cooker before you start your working day, then working as a virtual assistant will allow you to accomplish all of these things!

Peace of Mind

When I work as a virtual assistant, is it possible for me to take a vacation? As virtual assistants (VAs) contemplate taking a vacation from their profession, this is one of those questions that keeps resurfacing in their minds. How will their customers manage if they aren’t there? Working with us at VA FLIX has several benefits, one of which is that we will not only cover your customers’ absences due to vacation or illness, but we will also cover their vacation and illness absences. In this way, your customers will never be in a lurch, and you will be free to enjoy drinking drinks while lounging on the beach (or running after the children around the pool).

A great support network

When you work with VA FLIX, you have access to an entire team of individuals that are always ready to assist you or provide assistance. One of our virtual assistants had this to say about working with us: “We have the most supportive staff, excellent clientele, and a terrific work-life balance.” Because this place has such a strong feeling of community, working from home does not ever seem like an alone experience. You have access to a full team of experts who come from a variety of professions and fields who are able to assist you whether you have any questions about the most appropriate piece of software to apply to a certain job or are looking for referrals to excellent graphic designers. You get to tap into that great pool of collected knowledge! Equally, if you are having a difficult day and simply need someone to speak to, the staff is there to assist, listen to you, and support you in any way that you need.

Pre-Vetted Clients

All VA FLIX clients are pre-vetted. First, we have a conversation with them in which we get all the details about who they are, what their company does, and why they need the assistance of a virtual assistant. This indicates that by the time you talk to them, you will have a whole brief on the customer, and you will be able to relax in the knowing that they are authentic and eager to deal with a fantastic virtual assistant, namely you! We guarantee that our Virtual Assistants will always have trustworthy clients to work with, just as we guarantee that our customers will always work with trusted Virtual Assistants. It can go in any direction!

Interesting Work

It’s possible that a lot of people believe that if you work as a virtual assistant, your days would be spent doing nothing more than managing your email inbox and calendar. This is the farthest thing from the truth that it is possible to get. To tell you the truth, most of the time it is a great deal more than that. Our customers come from a wide variety of different fields, so we always have something new and exciting to offer them. You might be helping to source photographs, producing blog material, scheduling posts on social media, putting together presentations, editing, helping to schedule events, handling financial administrative tasks, helping to book trips, doing research, etc. The list goes on. A portion of the task is difficult and intriguing, while the other portion is creative and enjoyable. The most important thing is that you, as a VA, have a choice in the matter.

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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