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7 Incredibly Useful General Virtual Assistant Tasks For Businesses

You don’t have to be on your own for everything. A general virtual assistant (GVA) can help you with administrative, executive, and basic business tasks so you can focus on the big picture. With VA FLIX’s virtual assistant services, you can give almost any job to a skilled worker in another location to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here are seven very useful tasks that you can give to a virtual assistant to do for your business:

Calendar Management

A general virtual assistant can help you plan your day and stay on track with the things you need to do. Calendar administration entails:

  • Schedule and book appointments
  • Manage your to-do list according to its urgency
  • Coordinate your business travel plans
  • Organize your scheduled bill payments, invoices, and payroll
  • Supply you with agendas, resource materials, and notes before meetings

Email Management

Checking your email can become tedious and counterproductive as you devote more time to communication rather than actual work. A virtual executive assistant, on the other hand, can help you streamline and organize your inbox. An assistant handling email management can:

  • Organize and manage your inbox.
  • Organize and manage your contact list
  • Email drafts
  • Respond to emails manually or set up auto-responders
  • Update your calendar based on email appointments.
  • Sort and verify prospect email addresses
  • Email marketing tasks include developing email campaigns, creating email lists and templates, and providing analytics and performance reports.

CRM Data Clean-Up

CRM data clean-up improves the quality of your customer database by searching for inaccuracies in the data. This allows you to improve prospect engagement and move them through the sales funnel.

While CRM data management is an important part of sales, it can consume a significant amount of your time. So, a general virtual assistant can take tasks off your hands, such as:

  • Remove any duplicate or inaccurate records.
  • Gather and enter updated data into the CRM system.
  • Create detailed data reports for analysis.
  • Data entry and deduplication rules should be organized and improved.

Cold Calling

You can reach out to potential customers and try to get them to buy your product or service by making cold calls. It’s a good way to market over the phone, and you can hire someone else to do it through virtual assistant services. Instead of doing it yourself, you might want to hire a virtual assistant to:

  • Find and evaluate leads
  • Make and develop scripts for cold calls
  • Establish valuable contacts
  • Review and improve calling technique

Clerical Tasks

A virtual administrative assistant can help you with the little things that come up when you’re running a business. If you didn’t have one, you’d have to do these things when you have time. Even better, a dedicated assistant will eventually learn how you like things like:

  • Data entry
  • Answering email and phone calls
  • Making travel and meeting arrangements
  • Creating documents and presentations
  • Handling business accounts
  • Managing files
  • Dealing with internal and external clients

Basic Bookkeeping

Most small businesses can’t afford to hire an accountant to handle their finances and keep their books. A general virtual assistant can help you keep track of the money coming into and going out of your business. Their responsibilities include:

  • Creating general ledgers
  • Creating financial statements
  • Keeping track of pricing and billing documents
  • Reminding you to pay your bills
  • Helping you with your taxes
  • Getting business accounts in order

Basic Social Media Posting

Setting up an account and posting on social media is easy, but it could take time away from more important tasks.

With a general virtual assistant, you can connect and talk to potential customers without having to split your attention between other parts of your business. Some of the jobs you could give them are:

  • Managing accounts on multiple social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Identifying audiences
  • Using your target audience to make social media campaigns
  • Creating, planning, and taking care of your social media calendar
  • Tracking social media metrics and competitors

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A GVA?

With the help of virtual assistant services, you can get more done in less time. Whether you want part-time or full-time help, it’s easy to fill in the gaps in your work. Here are some good reasons to hire a general virtual assistant:

  • Improve work efficiency — With a virtual office assistant taking care of routine tasks like scheduling and basic bookkeeping, you and your team can focus on more hands-on parts of different business projects.
  • Reduce overhead costs. Since virtual assistants work from home, you don’t have to spend more on office space and equipment. They also get paid by the hour or by the project, so you can hire them whenever you need to.
  • Easy ways to grow your business — Get on-demand assistance to solve staffing issues quickly. It’s easier and cheaper than hiring professionals full-time, who need a fixed salary, benefits, office equipment, and training.
  • Enjoy a good balance between work and life. Since virtual assistants take care of your business’s boring tasks, you can focus on your work and not have to give up time for your personal life.

With VA FLIX, you can do more for your business.

VA FLIX can help you find a general virtual assistant who best fits the needs of your business. Under our general virtual assistant services, which are helpful for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), there are three specific roles:

  • Virtual assistant: A person who works from home and can do a wide range of tasks, from personal to business.
  • Executive assistant: A person who helps a certain executive or team with technical matters.
  • Administrative Assistant: A virtual office assistant who helps a professional or business with the day-to-day tasks of organizing.

VA FLIX Assistants go through a multi-step process and their own set of selection criteria to make sure they are ready to handle any task you give them. In addition to their skills, they know how to use software like dialers, online suites, CRM systems, and social media tools.

Hire a Virtual Assistant to do more important work. Start right away and set up a call to talk about what you need. Within 72 hours, VA FLIX works towards finding you the right virtual assistant. We’ll take care of the hiring process based on what you want, so you can focus on growing your business.

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