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7 Important Cold Calling Exercises For Debt Collectors

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

In a slump? Build up your strength with these cold calling exercises.

Competitors get their bodies ready for competition by warming up. Vocal chords are strengthened by the practice of singing. Flight crew members do preflight inspections on their aircraft. Whether it’s for a tennis match or a local talent show, experts and amateurs from a wide range of fields get ready to showcase their skills in front of an audience. Since this is the case, it stands to reason that you would include activities like cold calling in your plan.

How does this seem when you’re talking on the phone with other people? It’s interesting to note that regular physical activity might be beneficial. Even while they aren’t technically workouts for cold calling, taking a stroll around the building or doing some mild stretches is a tried-and-true method for improving concentration and reviving energy levels.

However, before we get into that, let’s go over some of the details with you. You will discover that you have greater success on a daily basis as a result of doing these seven exercises.

7 Cold calling exercises you can start doing right now.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been collecting debts for a while or if this is your first time doing it; it’s always beneficial to review the fundamentals. Here are some basic exercises for making cold calls to get you started. First, read through them, and then go to the tasks that are a level or two higher.

  1. Exercise your smiling muscles. No, a call from a collection agency is not exactly the one that someone anticipates with excitement. In spite of this, if you are vivacious and nice, you truly may have some influence on the direction the conversation takes. It does help, regardless of whether or not the person you’re phoning can see your smile when you do it.
  2. Stand up. Just as smiling may expand your lungs and give you more vitality, standing can do the same. In addition to that, it is beneficial to get up and move about every so often.
  3. Set goals. If you don’t set any objectives for yourself, you won’t know whether or not you’ve been successful since you won’t be able to measure it.
  4. Record your calls. After that, give them a second hearing. Where exactly are you making progress? Is there ever a time when you feel like your calls have gone completely off the rails? How do I sound to you? Are you worn out and tired, or do you feel like you want to assist others find solutions to their problems?
  5. Review your script. It is wise to get comfortable with a script before performing it, but it is also simple to become so accustomed that you stop looking at the script altogether. It’s OK to inject some of your own personality into a screenplay and make it seem more conversational, but you shouldn’t gloss over any of the crucial information that’s included there.

When you’ve reached a point where you feel confident completing those exercises involving cold calling, it’s time to move on to some of the more advanced content. It should be noted that this does not exclude fresh debt collectors from attempting similar strategies. They do not mandate a certain amount of prior work experience as a prerequisite. On the other hand, they need a little more effort than things like evaluating scripts and creating objectives.

  1. Head-to-head calling. You’re going to want to work on this problem with someone else, ideally someone from the same workplace. The idea is not very complicated: you phone your partner out of the blue, and they offer you every imaginable objection and obstacle they can think of. After that, you switch sides, and then they call you. After you’ve finished, you should confer with one another about what you’ve seen, where things may have gone better, and how you can make things even better in the future.

However, you aren’t through with this just yet. Repeat this activity after you’ve gone through it once before. Ask more hard questions. Be confrontational. Be furious. Make your partner’s life so difficult that they can’t stand to talk to you on the phone. Then you should request that they do the same for you.

  1. Rehearse your voicemails. You may record your voicemail and then let the program take care of leaving the message for you while you attend to another call if you use software such as VA FLIX. However, there may be occasions when you wish to leave a message personally or when you discover that you need to leave a message with someone who answers the phone. In either case, you will need to leave a message with someone who answers the phone. In what ways can you put this into practice? You should give yourself a call and leave a message. After that, much like when you record phone conversations, play it back and listen to it to determine whether or not your message needs to be shortened or areas where it needs to be smoothed out.

In addition to practicing your cold calling skills using the provided exercises, it is critical to check that you are doing the appropriate activities. You may put as much time and effort as you want into perfecting your response to objection A, but it won’t be of much use if you encounter objection B on a far more regular basis.

This has an effect on the scripts you produce, the practice calls you have with a coworker, and even the objectives you set for yourself. It is crucial to record your conversations for a number of reasons, one of which is so that you may listen to them afterwards and make a mental note of the challenges that arise the most often.

Similarly, you can tag them in live time. Before long, you may find that there are common threads throughout the calls that you find most challenging. 

Some of these cold calling exercises might seem too easy. You might feel silly going through practice calls with a colleague. But these exercises will only help you grow and get better at what you do. 

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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