102 Administrative Duties That You Should Delegate Today! virtual assistant hire philippines va flix vaflix VA FLIX

102 Administrative Duties That You Should Delegate Today!

Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

As every company owner is well aware, there are innumerable administrative jobs, each of which may take up a significant amount of time. Even more so if you are just starting out or if you run a very modest firm. When you first start a company, you will always end up doing the functions of many different departments, including human resources, finance, customer service, and operations. What about delegating this responsibility to an administrative assistant instead?

What would happen if you were able to delegate some of these responsibilities to someone who has a great deal of expertise and practical experience? Someone whose middle name is “administration” and who can take all of these responsibilities off your shoulders, leaving you more time to strategize, plan, and expand your business? Who is that person? Someone who is not only skilled at managing schedules but also able to manage the administrative tasks associated with your finances?

When you work with us at VA FLIX, you gain access to a whole pool of talented administrative assistants who are able to, in most cases, handle all of the administrative tasks that you need to deal with. When you work with us, you also gain access to a whole pool of talented administrative assistants. You may find that you need more than one administrative assistant sometimes since you may need someone who has more specialized abilities, such as a marketing expert or a financial whiz, for example. In any case, the ability to depend on knowledgeable individuals who are able to give you back some of your time is a very useful resource to have.

And what are the advantages of employing an administrative assistant to undertake these administrative jobs for you instead of doing them yourself?

You won’t only save time, but the chores will also be completed in an effective and accurate manner thanks to you. You could find that delegating these chores is the best approach to ensure that your company will expand and develop into the prosperous enterprise that you have always envisioned it to be.

Let’s take a look at all of the administrative responsibilities that you may hand off to an administrative assistant right now, shall we?

Inbox Management

Managing an inbox takes time. Deleting junk emails, unsubscribing from mailing lists, and even simply putting away emails that you need to preserve may take up a significant amount of time throughout the day. It may have a significant impact on the quality of your workday to have someone else monitor and organize your email inbox, check to make sure that nothing significant is overlooked, and respond to routine messages on your behalf. Listed below are all of the responsibilities surrounding your inbox that might be given to an administrative assistant to handle:

  1. Make sure that essential e-mails are highlighted and that you react to them immediately.
  2. Make sure that items are simple to locate for future reference by organizing your emails and the folders that hold them. They have the capability to color code emails, establish auto-replies, and allow auto-filing.
  3. Respond to e-mails requesting appointments and meetings, ensuring that there is sufficient time for travel and administrative tasks either before or after the meetings.
  4. Continue to investigate and pursue anything that requires immediate attention.
  5. Notify you of anything that requires you to take action.

Diary Management

Keeping a journal organized requires both time and care. Making sure there is adequate time between meetings, making sure that essential meetings happen on time, and not forgetting those all-important personal events that you can’t miss (like the birthday of your spouse, for example), are all things that need to be taken into consideration. Finding a time for a meeting when all of the participants will be available to attend; rescheduling other commitments in order to make time for the meeting; and the list continues on and on. Give these administrative responsibilities to an administrative assistant so you don’t have to worry about them:

  1. Please accept our meeting invites and let us know of any changes.
  2. Find suitable locations for meetings or events, and discuss logistics and viewings with the venue.
  3. Make arrangements for catering and drinks, paying careful attention to any food allergies that may be present.
  4. Book tables at eateries.
  5. Make sure to include travel time between each meeting.
  6. Meetings should be canceled and rescheduled.

Research & Reports

Do you spend time doing research but often find yourself wishing there was someone else who could do it for you and offer their results to you in a form that’s more manageable? You may be doing research on your company’s competitors, or you could be looking for an excellent printer to print brochures for your company. Or what about more personal errands, like reserving a vacation for your family? If you want to save time and, most likely, money as well, you should delegate these administrative responsibilities to someone else, preferably someone who is experienced in doing research and compiling the results into a paper that is easy to read.

  1. Carry out research, whether it be for professional purposes, such as investigating rivals, or for personal ones, such as researching vacations or activities that can be done with your spouse or children.
  2. Gather the results and present them in a way that is simple to understand so that you can reduce the amount of time spent deciding what to do.
  3. Prepare reports and presentations based on the findings of the study that was carried out.

Meetings and Minutes

The organization of meetings ought to be a straightforward process, right? But as both you and I are well aware, that is not the case! The attendees will always go back and forth with one another in an effort to locate the most convenient hour. And then there are the agendas to compile, the minutes to take, and the handouts to make. All of the administrative responsibilities that are associated with meetings may be handled by an administrative assistant.

  1. Make sure that the times and places of the meetings are convenient for everyone who will be attending.
  2. Find a provider for the meals and the drinks.
  3. Maintain communication with attendees and plan out the agenda.
  4. Spread the meeting’s agenda as well as any other vital papers that will be required for the gathering.
  5. In preparation for the meeting, prepare the necessary papers and presentations.
  6. Take meeting minutes.
  7. After a meeting has ended, the minutes should be distributed as quickly as possible in a timely manner.
  8. Continue to follow up on the action items and check to see that every person present is informed of their responsibilities.


Do you often organize events or provide parties for people? Or do you give presentations at various events? Regardless of whether it is, having a helping hand to take on some of the administrative work for your events may significantly reduce the amount of stress you feel.

  1. Conduct research on possible locations for the event.
  2. Make reservations at appropriate locations and coordinate logistics with the host organizations.
  3. Find a caterer and make reservations.
  4. Make arrangements for visitors’ places to stay.
  5. Make sure there are merchandise and brochures available during the event.
  6. Identify potential speakers and book them.
  7. Maintain communication with the attendees and a record of who all attended.


The management of financial administration is a time-consuming task; thus, having an administrative assistant who can assist you in managing the “paperwork” may be of tremendous use to you. Getting assistance with administrative duties, such as sending out invoices, putting data into your financial software, pursuing payments, or handling costs, may truly give you your time back. Some examples of administrative activities include: The following is a short list of the responsibilities that an administrative assistant may fulfill on your behalf:

  1. It’s important to send and receive invoices.
  2. Manage costs.
  3. Perform the necessary checks and produce purchase orders.
  4. Follow up on delinquent bills.
  5. Always with your accountant before making any decisions about your finances.
  6. Pay bills.


Staff recruitment is a separate but equally important task. Putting out job advertisements, monitoring those advertisements, vetting applicants’ curriculum vitae, scheduling interviews, and other similar activities may consume a significant amount of time. If you had had someone else handle the administrative tasks associated with recruiting on your behalf, you may have been able to bring on that new employee even more quickly.

  1. Editing and putting together job descriptions are also included.
  2. Manage job advertisements.
  3. Screen CVs.
  4. Arrange interviews.
  5. Manage the orientation and training of newly hired employees.
  6. Take care of your software for the recruiting process.


It is essential for every company, regardless of its size, to have solid HR policies in place and operating effectively. When it comes to small firms, there may not be enough work to keep an employee busy full-time. However, it is a fantastic idea to have an administrative assistant who can help with a few of the administrative activities that need to be done. The following are some examples of administrative activities connected to human resources that an assistant might help with:

  1. Orientation for new employees
  2. Organizing training for both new hires and current employees
  3. records of performance management are kept up to date.
  4. Putting together evaluations and assessments
  5. Putting notes into type for the staff records
  6. Keeping up with the employee records
  7. Not present and taking a headcount
  8. database management for vacations and absences due to illness.
  9. Organising travel
  10. Putting together activities for the workforce
  11. Managing staff wellbeing programmes


On the other hand, the administrative chores that are associated to sales might take up a large amount of time, which can start to slow down the growth of your firm. Every single commercial company has their sales department at their beating core. If you outsource the administrative chores that are related with producing sales, you will have more time to spend to making sales.

  1. Manage sales requests.
  2. Update and manage your CRM database.
  3. Attend to queries that are sent to you through your website.
  4. Prepare proposals.
  5. Follow up on the agreements.
  6. With a collection of branded corporate presents, you can easily organize employee loyalty awards and gifts for your staff.


Although all companies need some kind of marketing effort, you may not require a marketing department or even a marketing manager in your company depending on the specifics of your industry. It’s possible that you have a marketing strategy and goals, but that you simply don’t have the time to put those plans into action. At this point, outsourced the marketing administrative tasks might end up saving you both time and money.

  1. Improve the user experience of your website by adding engaging new material and images.
  2. Include more goods to your online store.
  3. Write product descriptions.
  4. Compile and design electronic newsletters, then send them out.
  5. Take care of your paying customers.
  6. Make some suggestions for fresh material.
  7. Your market research should be managed.
  8. Create some simple graphics.
  9. Upload stuff to social media.
  10. Images used as a source
  11. Take control of your many online communities by using your various social networks.
  12. It is important that you respond to both comments and direct communications.
  13. Take care of your advertisements on Facebook and Linkedin.
  14. Perform a campaign analysis.
  15. Produce reports about the campaign.
  16. Check for errors and make edits to the material.
  17. Create material to be published on your website.
  18. Write blogs.

Project Management

In your line of business, do you manage a lot of different projects? Do you realize that employing a Project Manager isn’t really viable, but you know that you need to outsource some of the work involved in project management to someone? Allow an administrative assistant to take care of these responsibilities for you so that you have more time to focus on developing new ideas to concentrate on.

  1. Stay on top of the project’s deadlines.
  2. Follow up with the contractors.
  3. Keep the software for project management updated.

Customer Service

Providing outstanding customer service is vital to the success of any company; but, keeping track of your clients, responding to questions and messages, and resolving problems may take up a lot of your time. The following is a list of the administrative work that an administrative assistant could assist with:

  1. Interact with the clientele.
  2. Customers both onboard and offboard the vessel.
  3. Take care of the feedback.
  4. Handle any and all complaints.
  5. Take care of internet feedback.

Lifestyle Administration

When life’s little tasks are left undone for too long, they pile up, and by the time you get around to dealing with them, they may have already gotten out of hand. It is essential that you get control of the administrative aspects of your life in order to guarantee that you can focus on growing your company or spending time with your family. This will provide you peace of mind. Allow someone else to shoulder the responsibility of these administrative responsibilities on your behalf:

  1. Arrange doctors and dentists appointments.
  2. Find and manage personnel for the home, including those to clean and tend the garden.
  3. Make arrangements with electricians, plumbers, and any other specialists that are needed for the upkeep of your property.
  4. Investigate several utility companies to discover the best pricing.
  5. Make sure that your house, your animals, and your vehicle all have insurance.
  6. Set up your vehicle’s annual inspection.
  7. Send birthday greetings, wedding congratulations, and anniversary wishes with flowers, gifts, and cards.
  8. Do some research on possible vacations for your family.


How often have you found yourself spending hours upon hours searching through websites in an effort to discover the most affordable flights, the most ideal accommodations, and the most convenient transfers? Do you ever dream that you could give someone your perfect wish list for a business trip (or vacation, for that matter!) and then be provided with a list of possibilities, replete with dates, costs, and even pictures? Well, now you can. You should hire a clever administrative assistant who can accomplish all of this and more, so they can take care of your vacation planning and research.

  1. Regardless of whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, it is important to do your research and get the best deals on flights and accommodations.
  2. Make arrangements for visas, insurance, and any other necessary travel documents.
  3. Book transfers
  4. Make sure you have plenty of time by creating precise itineraries that will tell you exactly where you need to go and when.

General Administration

Obviously, there are a variety of ad hoc administrative chores that do not fit into any of the categories listed above and for which you may want assistance. An administrative assistant may assist you with a variety of activities, including collecting data, transcribing notes, creating emails, formatting papers, and designing presentations, to name just a few. And the more you are able to delegate, the more time you will have to devote to selling, strategizing, planning, and expanding your company.

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